Monday, August 23, 2010

Slow Start for Manchester United

As usual another slow start for Manchester United in the league. United drew with Fulham in an away fixture to share one point each.

Scholes gave the visiting team lead in the firts half. In absence of Rooney, United looked slow in attack with Berbatov and new signing Hernandez. Fulham came back after the half time and it looked to fininsh at 1 - 1 after 80 minutes. Things changed dramitically as Hanglehand scored an own goal to give United lead for the second time in the game. Just moments after the goal United got a penalty with Duff caught handling the ball in the box. Nani took the penalty but the goal keeper saved it to deny 2 goals lead for United.

More drama. Hanglehand scored on a corner to level the game just moments befor the 90 minutes of play. Hughes looked happy with the result and Sir Alex was not convinced woth the way game finished. Evans was not very comfortable against Zamore and co. Long balls and crosses were flowing in the whole game for home side.

For United Scholes scored for 150th time. The absence of Rooney made the difference. Owen and Giggs came in the second half but they looked never ever scoring.

Final Score:

Fulham 2
Manchecter United 2

Manchester United Squad

Manchester United Squad
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